Saturday, November 09, 2013

Hello Dubai

We flew to Dubai nonstop from Seattle on Emirates Airlines.  After I purchased the ticket I wondered how Emirates keeps their daily nonstops on this route full.  Now I know.  Our 777 to Dubai was packed but when we landed in Dubai and got to passport control and the luggage carousel we were pretty much alone, no crowds, no lines. Where did everybody go?  The answer is that most of the people on our flight were transferring  to connecting flights to India.  For anyone going from Seattle to India this seems to be the way to go.  The flight goes over the North Pole via Canada and comes down south to the Middle East over Norway, Sweden, Russia and Iran.

During the flight an Indian woman in the row ahead of us discovered to her horror that her vegetarian meal was actually sacred cow and she ran sobbing to the bathroom and would only leave the bathroom after being consoled by her husband. The rest of the flight for her and those of us around her consisted of an apology tour of stewardesses and pursers. The flight itself was was tight and approaching the 12 hour mark of the 14.5 hour flight I was thinking that prisoners on death row in an American prison confined to such a tight space would be contacting their jailhouse lawyers citing cruel and unusual punishment.  Of course at the conclusion of the lawsuit the prisoners would still be in prison but at the end of our flight we were in Dubai.

Camel milk in my morning coffee, 250 ml's sells for around .68 US and as the label says, it's Camelicious!

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