Friday, December 09, 2011

White Coffee

Each of Malaysia's three main cultures has a distinct food style which sometimes gets mixed.  Kueh Teow is a Chinese rice strip dish that changes into something with a new twist when eaten at an Indian restaurant. 

The food in Malaysia is great. So what's to drink?  In spite of being a Muslim country alcoholic beverages are readily available.  There are all kinds of tasty tropical juice drinks too.  But what everyone seems to want in Malaysia is something they call "white coffee".  There are several national chains that base their reputation on their white coffee.  I tried it, it's nothing special.  So, what's white coffee?

White coffee is heavily pedaled in Malaysian supermarkets.  So I stood in the aisle and read the ingredients on the label.  Essentially it's instant coffee mixed with non dairy creamer and sugar and plenty of chemicals.  According to the Wikipedia entry white coffee in Malaysia started as coffee beans roasted in margarine but has deteriorated into what I found in the supermarket. 

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