Saturday, December 03, 2011

Penang Eats

Penang has a great reputation for great eating and I'm finding that it's deserved.  One afternoon Eleanor and I went to a Nasi Kandar restaurant on Jalan Penang named Jaya.  There's no A/C and no wifi.  It's open in the front with no door and it's open 24/7. 
Here's what we had for lunch. 
One tandoori set meal at 8.50 RM.

One lime water at 1.50 RM

One mango lassi at 3.50 RM

One Nescafe Shake at 2.20 RM

One Roti Chicken Roll at 5 RM
That's 20.70 Malaysian Ringgits for a delicious lunch for two. 
In US money that a grand total of $6.61

Here's the bill:

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